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Cheaper fleet is here for you, with Contemporary Mileage reporting and special fleet analysis tool in order to dispatch the fleet operational work with acceleration without sparing more time and cash.

Track using a mobile app

Instantly detecting and spotting trips and safety events without inaugurating additional hardware tools.

Improve safety & productivity

Locate driver in real time in order to lessen unsafe driving obsession like over speeding and usage of phone during driving.

Save on insurance

Decipher insurance saving by observing driver behavior.

Smartphone-based GPS tracking and driver scoring

Cheaper Fleet automatically allows the user to indicate the exact location of drivers in real time along with autonomously monitoring their behavior when driving by reducing the chances of over speeding and phone usage.

Trip Tracking

Record trips, driving behavior, even phone use

  • No possibility for purchasing and installation of hardware.
  • Free mobile tracking app on driver’s smart phone.
  • Go from app downloader to track and indicate the path of your trip within few minutes.
  • Automatically get updates of new version for mobile app (depends on device setting)

Real-time Monitoring

Track the routes and real-time locations of your drivers

  • Indicate your driver routes in real time
  • Automatically track every driver’s trip
  • Discover statistics of the driving per mile for each driver
  • Perspective view in real time location of an on duty drivers

Driver Safety

Monitor safety on the road

  • Indicate the driving quality by tracking the estimated driver’s phone usage, over speeding and hard breaking.
  • Score for every trip would be based on the safety and tracking statistical report of driver’s behavior depends on the duration and distance of each trip.
  • Aggregated Score over time to provide an overall score for each driver
  • Integrating Distraction Driver Calculator to update the driver’s positive reaction for lessen the risk of over speeding and hard brakes.

Driving Events

Online Notification When and Where Violation Occur

  • Exhibit flag to show when and where violation occurs on a map
  • Monitor behavior over time and track when the changes occurs
  • Online notification of an upcoming driving events to improve over all driver’s performance

Driver Leaderboards

Influence and track driver’s behavior changes over time

  • Option for drivers to monitor their own habit’s and overall performance via mobile app
  • Compliance behavior based tips helping drivers to target their areas of improvement
  • Administrative tracker changes over time to view who is on the leader boards for getting rewards.

Driver Scorecards

Score and rank drivers based on their performance

  • Standardize scoring and live ranking system
  • Persistently and adequately enforcing your drive policy by putting driver on a certain field to raise their performance individually

Accelerate your fleet safety program with an intuitive GPS tracking solution

Reduce costly repairs

Cheaper fleet plays a very vital role to save even a single penny of yours by allowing you to pin point driver’s harsh behavior in order to avoid accidents and unnecessary stop.

Avoid litigation

Cheaper Fleet makes driver oblige able for their action on the road by making their behavior detectable and helping them to reduce overall additional cost.

Achieve insurance savings

Improving Driver’s figuration while leveraging the existing relationship to unlock the potential to significantly lessen the insurance rate.

"Cheaper fleet enables you to keep your group and clients glad. Dynamic correspondence between your portable workforce and office makes your business light-footed."


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