Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Does Cheaper Fleet also supports administrative logging?

Yes, Cheaper fleet adequately supports certain plans for administrative logging with exact usage history.

Q. Is it possible to exploit Cheaper Fleet outside from European and American Region?

A. Yes it is exactly possible , people from anywhere in the world would easily utilizes the cheaper fleets application while there will be few settings require to make cheaper fleet simple to utilize

  • Time zone setting
  • Monetary standard for money setting
  • Arrangement of setting dates (month/day/years Versus day/month/year)

Q. At which program cheaper fleet works best?

A. Cheaper fleet works best on;

  • Internet Explorer 9 & Higher
  • Firefox 43 & Higher
  • Safari 5.1 & Higher
  • Chrome 22& Higher

Q. Is cheaper fleet available on portable device?

We are currently utilizing the local portable application with cheaper fleet portable parts and making fleet to remain over their stock accurately accessible on IPhone and Android devices.

Q. Is it possible to utilize Cheaper Fleet for an individual vehicle?

Absolutely it is! Anybody may easily track any of their vehicles with a decent approach with Live tracking GPS System.

Q. How frequently you upgrade the Cheaper Fleet Application?

We usually in corporate slightly changes and bug fixes on daily basis.

Q. What is the major advantages of using Cheaper Fleet Software?

Cheaper Fleet Software Application System is very helpful to reduce operational cost and the expansion of business. Inspecting a fleet of vehicles requires a certain level of organization and operational management respectively that is exceptionally difficult to maintain without pertinent software. Not only this, cheaper fleet Management System also offered compliance and security tools as well for the vehicle safety.

Q. How much does it over all cost to get Cheaper Fleet Management System?

It is quite difficult to compare a exact price due to vast different between vehicles and their engine sizes. Based on our research, overall costs also depend on the total number of vehicles. Monthly versus onetime fee structure, and the number of users as well.

Q. Can you please differentiate between Live and Passive GPS Tracking System?

The data collected is generally the same for both types of GPS Tracking System. While, live vehicle tracking actually transmits the GPS collected data to cellular networks which route it to a website application where you view the prospective data, considering the name of live tracking GPS system because of its visibility, seen shortly after being logged. While, Passive GPS Tracking System stores data directly to the cellular device.

Clients and Accounts

What is the distinction between an account and a client?

A User is a person with an email address and secret key. Vehicles have a place with Accounts rather than Users so Accounts fundamentally give an approach to assemble your vehicles.

Each Account is separate from a charging viewpoint and everyone has its own particular charging data.

How do consents function for various clients?

Armada has a super adaptable consent framework.

Import and fare

Would I be able to import fuel buys from my armada card supplier?

Armada is as of now coordinated with various real Fuel Card Providers in the United States.With this choice, our clients can naturally have their fuel records import into their record once a day. Visit our Fuel Card Page for more data.

Would you be able to refresh mileage data from an outer source like a GPS framework?

Truly! We offer with a developing rundown of GPS suppliers. Notwithstanding getting geolocation information and programmed odometer refreshes, a few incorporations likewise offer fuel area special case announcing and DTC dealing with.

Would you be able to import my information from another framework or the spreadsheet we've been utilizing?

Likely so in the event that you can get all your vehicle data into a spreadsheet. Get in touch with us and we should visit about it.

Vehicles and Gear

Do we need to purchase any equipment to utilize Fleet?

Nope, Fleet works without the requirement for any in-vehicle GPS beacons so there are no forthright expenses to begin utilizing it for your armada.

Does Fleet work for hardware also?

Armada is sufficiently adaptable to work for any advantage that you might want to stay aware of. You can set up deterrent support plans for expansion to logging administrations and costs. Make certain to set gear following units to "hours" so you can have an exact use history.

Administration Reminders

Is it conceivable to setup updates for custom administration/upkeep errands?

Truly, you can include benefit updates for more administration sorts by including "custom administration sorts" for your record. Tap the "Administration Types" interface under the Account drop-down connection on the best route bar, at that point you can include/alter your custom administration sorts from that point.

Your custom administration sorts will then be accessible as choices on both the Service Reminder shape, and additionally the Service Entry frame. You'll see them notwithstanding all the implicit alternatives.