Manage your fleet effectively from anywhere with Cheaper Fleet

Mobile App

Convey relief on your factions with one stop shop portability, relevant when settling a force of cheaper fleet administrative programming.


Rapid access on fleet operational data and have an ability to refresh the recorded information from any place, while examine a regulated assimilation by monitoring the data assets within fraction of seconds.


Now the drivers have an endowment with a power to analyze vehicle condition and report related vehicle issues either from their smart phones or tablets..

Cheaper Fleet at a glance

Barcode Scanning

Print Systematize tagged stickiness utilizing fleet’s mark generator for every asset to get a recourse point of interest.

Asset Profiles

Ability to view all exquisite elements specification and custom field initially with Asset Profile.

Inspections & Issue Reporting

Administrator and Mechanics may expedition ally perform examination and reporting issues by examine required comments and photographs.

Service Reminders

Make new administrative updates and refresh past supports.

Maintenance History

Get briskly, asset and survey history and work requests in order to view and major a statistical performance graph of past projects.

Fuel Log

Open access service with audit and a fuel history in MPG pattern, where productive operational details are consequently figuring out.

Renewal Reminders

View and refresh critic dates identified as an asset reestablishment with other related customized sorts.


Drivers now are able to store and cinch images of vehicles while logging fuel.


Protecting and keeping records of salivations of specific administrative work on resource in documented format.


Talk about team up on fleet operation equitability by reviewing previous historical reports.

Security & Permissions

Cheaper Fleet thrilled to have secure devisor and permission maintaining an acknowledgement setting what clients can exactly include or alter acquiescence.

Multiple Fleets

Perfectly dealing with numerous fleets at a time.