Vehicle Tracking

Our Vehicle Tracking API may resort any satisfactory, either outsider site or cell phone application to entitle the online status of their vehicle perfectly with all the application programming dialect.

Auto Route Pickup

With Single tick, you can see the prospected course with an alternative of quick institutionalization and re-directing by incorporating less expensive cheaper fleet’s continuous course analyzer.

Traffic Alert

HTTP based application for the activity alarms and updates been accessible, with successive sources furnishing movement stream and episodes data with live updates

Locating Nearby And Cheapest Hotels

Gets our API for the adjacent and least expensive inns where you can constantly permitting your client for online reservations in which you don't have availability to recover information yet in addition keep running with the booking and the least expensive room reasonable charges on consistent schedule

Locating Nearby And Cheapest Restaurants

Looking for an eatery, Cheaper Fleet APIs give their clients the more quick witted access to get the most refreshed data of eateries with correct area insight by detecting a restaurant around their localities, giving names, addresses, appraisals, surveys and contact data also.

Locating Nearby And Cheapest Bars

Redo the Reconnaissance of bar areas by utilizing our API coordinated with based information; recommending the most appropriate API for finding the "Here Bar" places data with exceptionally sensible cost and inquiry offices. Our outlined APIs for giving the data of close-by found and the least expensive bar as of now allow you to get the data for finding the most appropriate place, known for beverages with best in cost close you.

Locating Nearby And Cheapest Night Clubs

Cops Pro APIs additionally give point by point data of night club scenes, closer to the client's present area while making an unforeseen notice of the value rate and accessible arrangements too.

Fleet Management Dispatch

Track your vehicle interface with the drivers by utilizing an agreeable GPS innovation based Fleet Management Dispatch System where you may set up an ideal course to goal continuously.

Locating Nearby And Cheaper Gas Stations

Presently it's exceptionally apparent getting data with respect to the separation of service station from the client's present area by utilizing our APIs for finding the close-by and least expensive corner stores, enabling clients to get the adjacent corner store data indicating ongoing information of gas costs